RFP and Bid Summaries/Archive

NOTE: Bid/proposal summaries will be posted as soon as possible after the bid opening. Request for Bid (RFB) summaries include bidders' names and pricing. Request for Proposal (RFP) summaries include proposers' names, RFP pricing and other proposal information is confidential during the negotiation process until a contract is finalized. Bid and proposal awards will be posted in the Bid Status column as they become available.
Due Date Bid/RFP# Description Bid Status
1/25/2021 121020
More Information

Mastic Pavement Repair

1/21/2021 120078
More Information

Exhibit, Expo, Event Services

1/21/2021 121019
More Information

Window Cleaning Services

1/19/2021 121017
More Information

CDBG - Fair Housing Services

1/14/2021 121014
More Information

On Call Services Related to Land & Water Property Land Surveying

1/14/2021 120079
More Information

Psychiatric Services for Badger Prairie Health Care Center

1/14/2021 121001
More Information

Steel Plate Beam Guards

1/14/2021 121002
More Information

Crushed Stone and Gravel

1/14/2021 121003
More Information

Asphaltic Concrete Products

1/14/2021 121004
More Information

Erosion Control Devices

1/14/2021 121005
More Information

Redi Mix Concrete

1/14/2021 121006
More Information


1/14/2021 121007
More Information

Concrete Culverts

1/14/2021 121008
More Information

Hot Pour Sealant

1/14/2021 121009
More Information

Liquid Asphalt

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