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Purchasing - Bid Dropbox
By clicking on the Submit a Bid button below, you can submit a bid or proposal to the Dane County Purchasing Division. Bids and proposals must be submitted prior to the due date and time. Late bids and proposals will not be accepted.
All bids are due by 2 pm CST unless otherwise noted.

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Public Works - Open Request for Proposals & Request for Bids
The Public Works Engineering Division is responsible for design, bidding, and managing construction and facility improvements projects for Dane County County Government.
Please note that it is the bidder's responsibility to check this website for any future addendums or revisions prior to the bid opening. Bids/RFP's that do not acknowledge addendums may be rejected.
Due Date Bid/RFP# Description
3/5/2021 121026
More Information

Distribution of Rental Assistance

3/10/2021 121032
More Information

Track Excavator

3/10/2021 121033
More Information

Wheel Loader

3/10/2021 121036
More Information

Ford Utility Police Interceptors

3/24/2021 121015
More Information

Inmate Commissary and Inmate Banking & Trust Services@@ To clarify, the vendor conference is WEDNESDAY, Feburary 24, 2021 at 9am.

3/25/2021 121035
More Information

After-Hours Phone Coverage for the Dane County Behavioral Health Resource Center

3/30/2021 121030
More Information

Crisis Restoration and Triage and Restoration Center Planning Consultant

4/7/2021 121027
More Information

Audio Visual Upgrades at the City County Building

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